Welcome to StrandSoft.Net

This is a corporation owned by Mike Strand of 6595 South Shore Drive in Altoona, WI 54720. The following domain names are owned by Mike and several are available for sale. If interested, please call 715-235-7446 x100 or visit StrandVision.com and send an email via the contact us page.

Online-Kiosks.net (also Online-Kiosks.com)

Kiosk-Forum.com (also KioskForum.com)

O-Concierge.net (also O-Concierge.com and oConcierge.net)

BrewBlast.com (useful for SouthTekSystems.com BrewBlast Nitrogen Generator for Iced Nitro Cold Brew Coffee or WMGK Brew Blast on the battleship),
ERQY.com (Excellent Robust Quick Youthful - meaning A person who has the potential to attain spiritual enlightenment!),
FanWa.com (could be used by Faith Action Network and an acronym could be Fabulous Artistic Noble Wow Admirable),
GuideShow.com, Hawio.com, Lucasite.com (a new mineral from Western Australia),

DigitalSignageAnswers.com, DigitalSignageQuestions.com

SignageAnswers.com, SignAnswers.com, SignQuestions.com

Secure4You.com (also Secure4You.net) for high security web sites

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MikeStrand.com (also MikeStrand.net, Mike-Strand.com)

Strand-Wire.com, Strand-TV.com, StrandTV.com, StrandSign.com, MarketStrand.com, StrandSoft.net

Pc-2-Tv.com, Pc-2-Tv.net, Pc-to-Tv.net


OnlineKiosks.net, Kiosk-News.com, StrandVisionDS.com, SVDDS.com, StrandVision.Cloud, Lucasite.org, oKiosk.net, jamf.cloud, svds.co, Svoice.co, DigitalSignageReseller.com, SignageQuestions.com